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FSOMA is pleased to share good news.  Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published its Proposal Decision for including acupuncture benefits, SPECIFICALLY to treat chronic low back pain (cLBP), which meets CMS guidelines, in those people eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.  Please read the CMS Decision for full details – at least read the first few pages.  99% of the answers to your questions will be found there.  

CMS has no direct way to include Licensed Acupuncturists under the list of approved Medicare providers.  That requires separate action taken in Congress to open the Social Security Act and update the law.  Congresswoman Judy Chu, of California has sponsored a bill during each session of Congress, for the past several years, to include Acupuncturists as Medicare providers; and she has done the same again this year.  Her bill needs a lot of support and Florida could do more to help her find bill co-sponsors. \

CMS’s purpose in this decision is to provide acupuncture benefits and care to those who are Medicare/Medicaid eligible and in need of treatment for cLBP pain.  This decision was made in a way that provides the most care to those in most need.  It does not favor one provider type over another and since Acupuncturists are not currently Medicare providers, eligible acupuncturists must work under the direct supervision of MD, DO or NP.  This most likely means that any Licensed Acupuncturist providing treatment for cLBP under Medicare will be either working in a physicians office or will have hired a MD, DO, or NP to supervise treatment of those patients in the L.Ac’s office.  Other options likely exist, but these two seem most plausible. 

So, no – as an acupuncturist you may not start treating Medicare patients and submitting claims to CMS with the expectation of being paid.  That will not happen until Congress amends the existing law to recognize L.Ac’s as independent Medicare providers.  Yesterday’s decision is a long-time coming – it’s not everything Acupuncturists want, so there is more we can do to elevate the profession. 

Be well informed and passionate about this profession’s opportunities going forward.  Pitch-in where you can…many hands make lighter work.

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Click Here for information you need to know about selling CBD products in your clinic.
New laws effective 01/01/2020

Click Here to Download the Exemption for CBD Sales

Florida requires Licensed Acupuncturists offices to be Biomedical Waste Generators.  The details vary by county.  Here's more information

Here is the link to find your county health department contact. 

A route to “Reinstatement” is available from the NCCAOM. Information is available on the NCCAOM website at  If you have more questions, you can email the Certification staff at [email protected].

Facial Acupuncture Certificate Class in January being offered in Ft Lauderdale and Tampa

If you Know a Veteran or Treat Veterans, please share this important information with them. 

According to Humana Military Tricare - Hemp-derived products such as cannabidiol, or CBD oil is forbidden for use by any service members in any military branch.  They may result in both a positive result in a drug test AND in legal action against the military member.  
With the exception of Epidiolex, a medication used to control epileptic seizures, all other ingested products derived from cannabis are banned for any military service member. 
Here's an article from

Human Trafficking Classes

Harvey Kaltsas is offering a Human Trafficking class that meets the Florida State requirements. 
He is offering FSOMA members a $5 rebate off the class. 
Here's how to get the rebater
- Register for the class and pay for it.  You can view it for free and pay to take the test.
- Send an e-mail to [email protected] letting him know you are a FSOMA member.  Please copy in [email protected]g

From the FDA - Viatrexx Bio Incorporated Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Sterile Injectables Due to a Lack of Sterility Assurance

64B-9.008 Telehealth Practitioner Survey Procedures is no longer required 

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Hepatitis A Information
The Department of Health launched a series of informational resources for the general public on Hepatitis A activity. The Hepatitis A information line is available to the public to answer questions regarding Hepatitis A activity in Florida. The information line is available Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm EST during normal business hours. The toll free number is 1-844-CALL-DOH  (844-225-5364).  Please contact [email protected] for written questions from the public.

Alert for Health Care Providers
Click here for information on how to protect yourself from Hepatitis A

FSOMA's membership in the American Society of Acupuncturists gives you access to Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance through August 31, 2019. For more click here.

FSOMA Signs Affiliate Agreement with DHA Labs
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June 4, 2019 E-News

FSOMA Elections - Nominations are Open for Board of Directors
Deadline to nominate is June 25th.
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Next FSOMA Board of Directors meeting is set for June 22, 2019 1pm-4pm.  To listen in contact us

Love Your Practice is being rescheduled as a series of FREE webinars

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Pinellas County APs Take Action Read more here
"If you are not at the table, you are on the table"....Juhan Mixon, lobbyist
On May 21st we were at the table!

 FSOMA is in Support of SB 540/HB 851 Human Trafficking Bill.  Read more here.


The non-opioid alternatives bill, HB 451, has passed and is headed to the Governor!

The Florida Department of Health will now be required to develop and distribute an educational pamphlet regarding the use of non-opioid alternatives to treat pain. Furthermore, based on the work of the acupuncture associations and the chiropractors and others (conservative care first coalition) the bill also requires that health providers must discuss non-opioid alternatives with a patient before prescribing an opioid. The proposal is intended to help reduce the number of drug overdoses, which have been steadily increasing and are now the leading cause of death in the U.S. The bill is now headed to DeSantis! 

2019-4-8 Legislative Update 

We have language to HB 451- Non opioid Alternatives sponsored by Representative Plakon that directs the Department of Health to develop and publish on its website an educational pamphlet regarding the use of non-opioid alternatives to treat pain.

The bill requires that a health care practitioner discuss non-opioid alternatives including acupuncture with a patient prior to prescribing an opioid. The Senate companion, SB 630 Non opioid Directives by Senator Perry, was heard today in Health Policy Committee and includes acupuncture as one of the non opioid alternatives, so now we are in both the House and Senate bills.

HB 451 is ready to be considered on the House floor and could be passed soon. SB 630 still has two more committee stops before it will be eligible to be heard on the Senate Floor.

We Now Have our Own BLS Occupation Code

The acupuncture profession was awarded our own BLS occupation code last year.  It is 29-1199.01.  It is important to use this code when you file your tax returns so the growth of the acupuncture profession can be trackedClick here for more

Great News!! We've gotten some help with paying some of the legal bills from the Dry Needling Court Case. Read here in what the judge said on 2/26/2019.  His ruling determined that, in Florida, dry needling is Acupuncture and the Board of PT cannot make a rule allowing PTs to practice it

Your Action is Needed.  30% of Florida Legislators are NEW this year. It's time to introduce yourself. Ask them to support FSOMA's bills in the House and Senate which ask that insurance cover alternative therapy as a first tier approach to chronic pain   Click Here for resources to talk to your legislators. 

Dry Needling - An Administrative Court has ruled in our favor Read Entire Judgement Here


2019 FSOMA Conference Registration is Open
August 23-25, 2019
Wyndham Grand Hotel
14651 Chelonia Parkway
Orlando, FL 32821

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Save the Date Date: October 25-27, 2019
International Speaker Mary Elizabeth Wakefield is coming to Florida
Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: The New Protocols
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