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Modern Marketing To Enhance Your Acupuncture Practice and Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

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 Asian Therapies logoAsian Therapies is committed to changing lives exponentially through the facilitation of interdisciplinary collaboration between Western and Eastern medical communities through integrative & holistic healthcare and education.  Asian Therapies will donate 30% to FSOMA for every Florida AP taking a class on their site.    Click Here to Buy a Class


Build & Thrive wants to help you:
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DHA Lab Logo and Link DHA Laboratory is a specialized clinical laboratory that provides services defined by our 35+ years of experience in the industry.  Learn how to set up an account today click here 

Heartland Payment Systems

With Heartland as your partner, you can more simply manage and grow your practice. You have access to an integrated and comprehensive suite of business solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs. By streamlining your operations, you have more time to focus on building your American Dream.  Contact Heartland to learn more. Click here

HealthyLine is an FDA-registered company with the world’s largest selection of heated natural gemstone therapy mats. Based in New York and starting in 2013, HealthyLine quickly became the industry leader by implementing the most effective materials, combining different technologies, such as infrared (FIR), pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), negative ions, photon light, and magnetic therapy to create advanced naturally powered heating pads and devices.

Use this link to order: https://healthyline.com/?wpam_id=2607

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Heathy Seminars (formerly ProD Seminars)

Healthy Seminars is the integration of Pro D Seminars and Medigogy.com where acupuncturists and functional medicine practitioners can find a large selection of online continuing education courses and educational resources. Founded by Dr. Lorne Brown, B.Sc., CPA, Dr.TCM, FABORM, CHT, Healthy Seminars provides the quality of CEU/PDA/CPD approved courses you’ve come to expect from Pro D Seminars alongside the free educational resources offered by Medigogy.  When you order courses using this link FSOMA receives a donation. 

Treasure of the East Image and affiliate linkTreasure of the East  Our premium herbal extracts are made from herbs sourced directly from over 300 farms across China. The herbs are authenticated using botanical fingerprint standards developed by our supplier and adopted industry-wide by the CFDA.

Treasure of the East herbs are extracted, granulated, and packaged using technologies protected by 30 patents.  The results are herbal extracts of exceptional potency and purity.

From seed to production to consumption, our products were developed based on research, and continue to be developed through research partnerships with 22 research universities and 26 TCM hospitals.