June 27, 2024 Pennsylvannia
We are thrilled to share the news that HB 1490 passed the Senate on Tuesday and was concurred in the House on Wednesday. It is now headed to Gov. Shapiro's desk for signature. This historic milestone was made possible by the tireless efforts of our Legislative committee, diligence of our lobbyist and his team, and the support of all APA members.

This bill modernizes our Acupuncture Licensure Act of February 14, 1986 (P.L.2, No.2). It allows acupuncturists licensed in other states to attend or conduct educational events, as well as volunteer in the Commonwealth in an emergency. It also implements continuing education requirements for license renewal, bringing acupuncturists in line with requirements in other states and other licensed healthcare providers in Pennsylvania.

We will share more information about HB 1490's implementation as it becomes available.
Yours in service and celebration,
B.J. Putnam, DAc, LOM, President
And the Board of the APA in Pennsylvania
Eric Raymond Buckley, LOM, Vice President
Jan Wilson, LOM, Secretary
Linda Silva, LOM, Treasurer
Jaime Gordon, LOM
Heather Shultz, DAc, LAc.
Janelle Farkas, Student Representative

June 24, 2024 California
WE DID IT! NO CUTS to Medi-CAL acupuncture benefits. Thanks to EVERYONE who helped make a difference! 
"The preservation of acupuncture benefits in Medi-Cal... is largely credited to collaborative efforts among the acupuncture community, key legislators, and Medi-Cal beneficiaries."
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Unlocking Mind-Body Wellness- The Science of Acupuncture

Effective Date: June 26, 2024
HB 1063 (Full Text)

Summary:  The bill authorizes chiropractic physicians to adjust, manipulate, or treat the human body using monofilament intramuscular stimulation, also known as dry needling, for the treatment of trigger points or myofascial pain. To perform dry needling, chiropractic physicians must first complete a 40-hour certification course approved by the Board of Chiropractic Medicine (Board) and be certified by the Board.

The bill requires the Board to establish minimum practice standards for chiropractic physicians performing dry needling, including specific education, and training requirements, restrictions, and patient consent protocols.

The bill specifies that dry needling cannot be delegated to any person other than a chiropractic physician who is authorized to engage in dry needling under Chapter 460, F.S.


Public complaints involving a licensed health care practitioner are reported to and processed by the FL Department of Health. 
Callers and inquiries should be directed to

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