Legislative Campaigns

Take Action for Acupuncture FlyerTAKE ACTION FOR ACUPUNCTURE

2024-2025 Florida Campaign to Protect
our Titles and Update our Practice Act

  1. Make Appointments with both your State Senator and State Representative
    1. 1. Download your How To Kit - Legislative Meeting Process (pdf) How to find your senator and representative & general meeting guidelines
    2. Download your Lobbying Worksheet (word)  Lobbying Worksheet (pdf)
    3. Make notes about your legsilator and keep track of contact information. 
  2. Tell them about yourself and our profession, ask them to support our legislation in 2025 Legislature
    1. Download Make Appt & Talking Points (word)  Make Appt & Talking Points (pdf)
    2. Download your 2024-5 Handout to print for Legislators (pdf) Please print and take with you.
  3. The Legislators expect you to want a photo at the meeting, please take one and send it to us

We have to do this work - visit your legislators this summer (and every summer!)


For over 30 years FSOMA has been the non-profit professional association leading the Acupuncture practitioner community in Florida.  We are comprised of 10 volunteers elected by the membership to a Board of Directors and have 2 paid staff.  All of us are acupuncturists and care deeply for this profession.  

Are you a technician? OR Are you an acupuncture physician? 

FSOMA’s 2024-2025 legislative goal is to update the Acupuncture Practice Act (FS 457).  This has not been done since 1999, and now is needed to strengthen and advance current Florida acupuncture practice.  The Association relies on continued financial and advocacy support from the membership, patients, and every stakeholder to help us meet this goal.  

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3. National Campaign for Inclusion in Social Security Act.

Grassroots at your Fingertips

Smiling Woman with Phone

Do this today, its really easy.
Text 52886 and type:
"Acupuncture" (Acupuncturists)
"Student" (Acupuncture Students)
"Acupuncture Patient" (Patients)
"Acupuncture Senior" (Senior Patient)
"Acupuncture Ally" (General Supporters)

H.R. 3133, the Acupuncture for Our Seniors Act 2023

The Medicare Fact Sheet and Benefits of Medicare Provider Status for Acupuncturists are great resources to answer many common questions.

Town Hall: Supporting HR3133-The Acupuncture for our Seniors Act in 2024. 
Take action today, it's important for the future of our profession.