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Kathleen Leavy Honored in Gainesville
October 28, 2023, Declared Kathleen Leavy Day

Kathleen Leavy Day in Gainesville 

On October 28, 2023, the Gainesville Alumni of Asian Medicine and the city of Gainesville, FL hosted the first annual alumni and awards ceremony. The Gainesville Alumni of Asian medicine is a group started by Dr. K.A. Shakoor, DAOM1 and Matthew Gammon2. It focuses on unifying practitioners of Asian medicine practicing in Gainesville, FL. The Gainesville Alumni of Asian Medicine is a local organization that is non-affiliated with either Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine (DRCOM) or Academy for Five Element Acupuncture (AFEA). It is both a social and professional group made up of practitioners of Asian medicine and includes acupuncture physicians, Ayurvedic Medical practitioners, students, and more. This year’s honoree for Gainesville Alumni of Asian Medicine’s alumni dinner and awards ceremony was Gainesville’s own, Kathleen Leavy, RN, AP, one of the co-founders of DRCOM and one of Florida’s leading practitioners of acupuncture and Asian medicine, Western medicine, and holistic more here