I wouldn’t be able to work with confidence without FSOMA’s representation as our professional association.  You help us to have and keep legitimacy, and to keep others from cutting us off at the knees.  FSOMA keeps me informed about all issues related to our profession.    
Annie S

I just received my new license for 2022 in the mail and I was acutely aware of all you do for me, for acupuncture and for our State.
So this is just a simple thank you that probably doesn’t cover a fraction of the work you do, or the time you spend, or the thankless moments you spend worrying about the future of Acupuncture in Florida and the USA.
I am so grateful for every one of you. When the day comes that I am not the sole builder of my vision for corner acupuncture, I will also lend my time and love to our beautiful practice of medicine through FSOMA.
I will continue to sing your praises to all in our field, I will continue to adore our FSOMA conference and I will always hold you in the greatest esteem.
From the bottom of my heart,
Dr. Kathy Thomas
Corner Acupuncture Inc


Data on Insurance Utilization for acupuncture over past decade 

2021 Deductible of FSOMA dues is 73.5%

FSOMA now has member savings on a full range of insurance policies available including now a Group Health plan

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