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2021 Dimensional Acupuncture  1 CEU GEN
New technique improves your clinic outcome! Through 30 years of practice of TCM, Dr. Liang combined the wisdom of Master Tung extraordinary point system, using Dr. Li Chung Huang auricular diagnosis and therapy, Fang scalp acupuncture in conjunction with Dr. Biao and Dr. Liu Jumping and releasing advanced acupuncture technique to form his own Liang triangular acupuncture technique brings you to a new dimensional acupuncture world. You will learn the basic principle and practice in your own clinics.

Understanding ED in the Treatment Room 4 GEN CEU
This course aims to provide a basic understanding of Erectile Dysfunction as it commonly presents in the treatment room and it offers common point prescriptions to treat it effectively. Common causes, treatments, food therapy and how to gently approach this subject with patients will be discussed.
A comprehensive understanding of differential diagnosis, acupuncture point locations and energetics is needed for this class.

2020 HomeoAuricular - This class is dedicated to familiarizing the participant with the basics of German Auricular Medicine, as it also includes the historical significance of the 12- Schuessler Bio-chemic Cell Salts, and their specific interaction with the inherently known 12 acupuncture meridians. Initially dedicated towards the alleviation of pain in our military veterans, the German Auricular system also provides, a wide-ranging clinical and evidence-based research platform, for hospital-based acupuncture with the addition of supplemental therapies, (HRV, VAS & Bio-Luminescence) to create a new, powerful tool proving the reality of neuroplasticity for profound healing.

2020 German Auricular Rx - Explore the history of German Auricular Medicine and its basic therapeutic rationale, differentiating this unique evidence-based system from the traditional Chinese and French systems.  Information will be provided on the use of the VAS pulse, 3-volt hammer, to complement the specific topography of the German Auricular model, required to correct acute pain, (briefly discuss chronic pain differentiation) and organ dysfunction. *This will be an essential primer for the 3-day Certification Seminar 

2020 Childbirth Acupuncture: Building Confidence in Labor and Birth - 
1. Anatomy and Physiology- Focuses on anatomical changes in the uterus, cervix, pelvic girdle, hormones, and what happens during pregnancy and labor.
2. Understanding the Labor and Birth Process- Discusses the natural process, due dates, initial signs of labor, stages of labor, and birth.
3. Safety and Pathophysiology of Labor- Covers safety in birth, risk factors, preeclampsia, HELLP, and common red flags.
4. Doula 101- Focuses on Chinese Medicine and birth doulas, training and licensing, the scope of practice, working as a team, and acu-doula support.
5. Chinese Medicine and Birth Doulas + The Business of Acu-Doulas
6. Understanding the difference in care

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Class Name Instructor

CEU Category

2008 Colorpuncture Carr GEN
2008 Medical Qigong Goren GEN
2008 Sound and Vibration Villamarin GEN
2008 Oriental Sports Medicine Bailey GEN
2008 Western Herbs Of Value In The Chinese Herbal Clinic Linde GEN
2008 Applied Kinesiology Bakir GEN
2008 Vestibular Disorders Patullo BIOMED
2009 GI Images Tian BIOMED
2009 Physical Exam Skills Part 1 Robinson BIOMED
2009 Physical Exam Skills Part 2 Robinson BIOMED
2009 Skin Conditions O’Shaunessey GEN
2009 Shoulder Joint Imaging Bailey BIOMED
2010 Diet Therapy: Healing Foods and the 5 Elements Licata GEN
2010 Successful Protocols For Integrating Body Acupuncture And Ear Acupuncture For Pain Relief Corbin GEN
2010 3 GEN   TCM Treatments For Digestive And Gi Disorders TIan GEN
2010 Extraordinary Medicine Richardson GEN
2010 Five Element - Diagnosing and Treating the Root Cause Kowalski GEN
2011 5 Element Acupuncture – Being in Rapport Kowalski GEN
2011 Psychobiology of Pain Robinson BIOMED
2011 Orofacial Acupuncture Vasconcellos GEN
2011 Incorporating Traditional Dietary Counseling & Whole Food Supplements Into The AOM Clinic Gaeta BIOMED
2012 Acupuncture For Survival (Emergency Acupuncture) Bailey GEN
2012 Fire Spirit of the Points Kowalski GEN
2012 10 Formula Families Max GEN
2012 NSEV – Extraordinary Meridians Villamarin GEN
2013 Insulin Resistance Gaeta BIOMED
2014 Essential Oils Brown GEN
2014 All Disease Comes from the Heart Zhao GEN
2015 Assessing the Three Energies Licata BIOMED
2015 Caring tor Patients at End of Life Polubinski GEN
2015 Sexual Function Licata BIOMED
2015 The Cause of Aging - Blood Stasis Wolfe GEN
2017 Understanding the Progression of Lyme Disease Kelly GEN
2017 Understanding the Roots of Cancer Kelly GEN
2017 Herb & Drug Interactions Linde Med Error
2017 Treating Autoimmune Disease with Chinese Medicine Ng GEN
2017 Principles of Combining TCHM with Pharmaceuticals I & II  Roofener 2 Med Error  2 Gen            2 BIOMED
2017 The Lab Test Interpretation Tian 3 BIOMED
2018 Beyond NADA Ng GEN
2018 End the Pain Using Tendomuscular Meridians Thompson GEN
2018 Management of Pain Syndromes Zhao GEN
2018 Neuromuscular Facial Conditions Gellis GEN
2018 Orthopedic Acupuncture Jun GEN
2018 Tracking the Vagus Nerve Strait BIOMED


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