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Constitutional Facial Acupuncture™: The New Protocols

Date: October 25-27, 2019   9am-6pm
24 CEU/PDAs - Florida, California and NCCAOM
Early Bird:
$600, FSOMA Members Pricing Available, Students 1/2 price ends Sept 25th, 2019 
After Early Bird:
$700, FSOMA Member Pricing Available, Students 1/2 price 
Location: Hilton Garden Inn Palm Beach Gardens, 3505 Kyoto Gardens Dr, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Mary Elizabeth Wakefield. L. Ac., Dipl. Ac., M. S., M. M.         
AAAOM Educator of the Year; 
Author, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, (Elsevier UK, 2014)

Internationally recognized teacher and practitioner of facial acupuncture

For more information about Mary Elizabeth go to www.facialacupuncture-wakefieldtechnique.com. The protocols in this seminar are based upon those found in Ms. Wakefield’s book, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, published by Elsevier (UK), shown at right.  Please note:  protocols and material not found in the book will also be introduced.

Participants will learn:

1. How to treat 12 problematic areas of the facial landscape with gentle and effective acupuncture and origin/insertion muscle techniques;
2. Three levels of constitutional treatment:

  • Jing:  8 Extraordinary meridians; TCM patterns, syndromes, specific emotions and types of facial imbalances;
  • Ying: 12 Regular meridians and 5 phases; their syndromes, addressed through Japanese, Vietnamese, TCM, and Ms. Wakefield's own, acupuncture treatments;
  • Wei:  Tendinomuscular meridians, trigger, motor and "ashi" points, for "Coat Hanger" and "Wandering Skirt" syndromes, etc.

3. Three Shen scalp points
4. Practical specifics: benefits, contraindications, general rules, treatment timelines, short and long-term effects of treatments, etc.
5. A complete topical Chinese herbal treatment protocol, featuring natural creams, 5 Element Planetary essential oils, hydrosols, jade rollers, etc.

Ms. Wakefield will provide a demonstration of the entire treatment protocol for the participants, who will practice these techniques.

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