2019 FSOMA Elections

Nominations are open for the 2019 FSOMA Elections. 

If you have a desire for your profession and want to make a change in Florida, please nominate yourself or someone you know to serve on the FSOMA Board of Directors. 


Dear FSOMA Voting Members:

FSOMA’s 2019 Elections are rapidly approaching! The Annual Meeting is set for Friday August 23, 2019 at the Annual Conference. 

As a Board Member I can attest to the fantastic energy and deep commitment, passion and dedication our Board carries from year to year.  It is these attributes that make the FSOMA Board so productive and successful.

As our profession, and FSOMA, continue to grow, it is imperative that we keep searching for this same talent that has characterized our Association. 

FSOMA needs YOU to become active in this endeavor!

As you read through the accompanying Nominations/Elections information, please realize that it is YOUR responsibility to nominate YOUR Board, whether you nominate another member OR yourself! Please think of and nominate people that you know to be reliable, committed and able to work as a team player with the Association to benefit FSOMA’s members and the profession at large. Self-Nominations are encouraged!

Attached are five documents pertaining to the Nominations and Election process: 
►The first, Basic Information & Deadlines, includes some basic information –positions to be filled, the various rules and deadlines.    
►The second, Nomination Form, is the form to be used to nominate someone or yourself. It includes where and how to submit it. 
►The third, Articles V&VII, is a detailed overview of all aspects of the Board of Directors and the rules in the By-Laws for composition, qualifications, etc.
►The fourth, Nominee Acceptance, is the acceptance form to be completed by the nominee.

Please print and review these forms.  They are available on the FSOMA website under “Member Login”.

Please participate.  Remember, this is YOUR Association!

Rafael Perez, A.P., FSOMA Board Development Committee Chairperson 
[email protected]

  1. Basic Information & Deadlines
  2. Articles V & VII - Duties of the Board of Directors and Officers of FSOMA
  3. Nomination Form
  4. Nomination Acceptance Form