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Jane App Logo

Jane App is a clinic management software and EMR that offers flexible scheduling, user-friendly online booking, customizable documentation, a secure payment solution, integrated insurance billing, and more. To learn more about Jane’s full suite of features, head to jane app to book a 1-on-1 demo.  Business Member


First Alternatives Logo

 First Alternative’s competitive edge is our unique combination of products and training which encompasses Healthcare Practices, Skin Care, and Animal Medical Practices with the incorporation of Avazzia devices. Our main marketing line is, “the non-pharmaceutical relief of pain”. We have protocols for acute and chronic pain treatment for all healthcare providers. 

Microbiome Logo

Microbiome Labs is a company focused on improving health outcomes through the modulation of the gut microbiome. The company was built upon three major pillars: clinical research, education, and product innovation. This unorthodox approach is far and away what continues to set Microbiome Labs apart from the rest of the supplement industry. 

FSOMA Business Members Exhibiting

Acu-Market is a family-owned and operated business and we are passionate about taking care of our customers. Acu-Market was established in 2000 to provide practitioners and students with the convenience of buying all supplies from one source. We have grown to become one of the largest suppliers of acupuncture, herbal, homeopathic, & supplements in the United States. Our products are sold exclusively by and through licensed healthcare practitioners & students. We do not sell to the public.  Booths 7 & 8 

ASE Seminar LogoASE Seminars is a premium continuing education company for practitioners who demand the best skills available today. After taking our classes, you will experience better results, more patient referrals, and a busier practice.  Booth#3
Blue Popopy LogoBlue Poppy is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of information, goods, and services for the establishment, improvement, and advancement of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the West, with the ultimate benefit of improving health and reducing and preventing disease.  Business Member - Booth# 21
Conscious Mind Mastery LogoConscious Mind Mastery We are a team of holistic practitioners and coaches with many years of experience in the fields of Natural Health, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Food Therapy, Environmental Sustainability, Life Purpose, and more. By learning how to live a life in harmony with nature and nurturing our bodies physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, we will regain our wellbeing and live a fulfilled life while pursuing our dreams. 
Meet us in Booth #37.
Golden Flower Logo

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs has been providing practitioners with high-quality traditional and innovative herbal formulas since 1990. For your convenience, we also carry a complete line of acupuncture needles and supplies. Visit us on the web at www.gfcherbs.com or call us at toll-free 800-729-8509.

Business Member - Booth #26

Golden Needle LogoGolden Needle is your one-stop shop for all your supply needs.  With a vast selection of products including Acupuncture supplies, nutritional supplements, bulk herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, and more.  We also offer an online patient fulfillment service with over 25, 000 items from which to choose.    Business Member - Booth #45

KPC logo A family business with five generations of expertise, KPC Herbs is the leader in herbal and contract manufacturing. The values that drove our ancestors ring true today: safety and quality always come first, and going the extra mile is the only way. In a world where Mother Nature shines, it’s our values that distinguish us from the rest.    Business Member - Find us in Booth #20

LhasaOMS LogoFor almost 40 years, Lhasa OMS has been building relationships with the highest quality acupuncture needle and supply manufacturers in the world such as SEIRIN and DBC (Dong Bang Corporation). These relationships remain in place today and allow Lhasa OMS to offer the best prices and highest quality products to our customers.    
Business Member - Booths 23&24

Mayway Logo
Trusted by acupuncturists for over 50 years, Mayway produces Plum Flower® herbal formulas, extract powders, and quality whole herbs. Create and ship custom herb prescriptions directly to your patients from our top-notch Dispensary. 
Business Member - Booth #5
Patient Data Protection ImagePatient Data Protection 

Do small practices and individual practitioners have to comply with Federal Laws and updates regulating websites and digital patient data related to HIPAA, the 2009 HITECH Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

The short answer is, yes. Let us show you how easy and affordable ADA, HIPAA, and HITECH compliance can be. Click here to schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more about your compliance options.  Business Member -Visit us at Booth #29

Schlitt Insurance Services LogoSchlitt Services is an independently owned and locally operated insurance agency in Vero Beach, Florida. We help people across the state find affordable and reliable insurance products from a variety of trusted carriers. As an independent agency, we can help you find the perfect combination of coverage and price to fit your unique needs. Find us in Booth#6

Shafer Billing Logo
At Shafer Billing, our mission is to provide alternative healthcare professionals with superior billing, coding, and practice management services. Giving peace of mind that reimbursement needs are being met with maximum efficiency and allowing caregivers to focus on the important things.  Business Member - Booth #41 Foyer
TCM Zone Logo

TCMzone is now one of the leading suppliers of professional herbal products in the U.S. We are truly unique not only because of the outstanding quality of our products and committed team but also because of you, our loyal customers who challenge yourselves and your patients to create their path to health.

Business Member - Booth#18


To The Point Billing Solutions specializes in Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy billing. Let us handle your billing from start to finish while you focus on your patient's needs which allows you to grow your practice. We deliver fast insurance verifications, handle problem claims, and much more. At To The Point you are not considered just another customer but family. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority! Business Member - Booth#25

Treasure of the East Logo

Treasure of the East is the first FDA-registered company to import granule herbs from mainland China, offering a complete line of granule extracts made by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. We’re proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary of serving the American TCM community with over 500 varieties of single herbs and formulas.  Business Member - Booth#22


AcuFast LogoAcufast You’re an acupuncture practitioner, and you care about your patients and the planet. That’s why we developed a revolutionary new solution that is the most environmentally low-impact acupuncture needle on the market. High quality acupuncture needles coupled with biodegradable packaging, reduced and recyclable plastic materials, and bulk packaging with optional tubes – you’ve never seen anything like it.

Acupuncture & Movement Logo

The Acupuncture and Movement Project bridges the gap between clinical practice and movement therapy. Our mission is to bring orthopedic testing, muscle testing, movement assessments, and corrective exercise programming to acupuncturists in a systematic, digestible, and clinically effective way.  Look for us in Booth # 42


American Healing Technologies logoAmerican Healing Technologies, Inc. (AHT) is a distributor, formulator, and marketer of top quality, authentic classical Chinese herbal formulas and proprietary specialty products, teas, and granules Visit us in Booth #4
Apex Energetics LogoFor over 35 years, Apex Energetics has advanced the principles for Functional Medicine with cutting‐edge education and formulas for healthcare professionals. By infusing our motto of Patient Health First™ as the principle that guides all our decisions, we have built an unparalleled reputation of integrity. Find us at Booth#34
BioEssence Health Science LogoBioEssence Health Science focuses on providing safe, effective, and potent dietary supplements and services to healthcare practitioners for near 30 years. Our services are all-encompassing, elevating patient care, and providing valuable resources to help improve practitioners’ clinical services. We offer custom formulation services to tailor each patient's needs. Visit us in Booth #11
Dr Nell LogoDr. Nell helps integrative healthcare businesses utilize effective strategy, development and communication to confidently get to the next level. I advise product and service based businesses looking to have more integrative and innovative offerings to reach their business and patient care goals. I coach founders and practitioners looking to be impactful leaders in the healthcare field. My expertise is empowering your business with strategic tools and creative solutions so you can confidently reach your goals. Meet me in Booth #43.
AcuManra LogoAcuMantras empowers communities with affordable acupuncture, education, and research, promoting health via East Asian medicine. Our vision: a world where all access its benefits, regardless of status. Join our Endorsed Community Clinic Program to enhance community health, validate East Asian medicine, and gain practice benefits. Come visit us in Booth #44

Far East Summit LogoFar East Summit manufactures the Chinese Classics®, Lifegate Clinical™ lines of liquid extracts, liquid concentrates, and concentrated powdered extracts. Manufacturing in the USA since 1997 with over 80 years of herbal manufacturing experience we carefully monitor all phases of our proprietary herbal processing in our FDA-registered production facility. Come see us in Booth #9

Kamwo Meridian HerbsKamwo Herbs is the largest dispensary on the East Coast and has been a trusted purveyor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs, products, and services. We supply ready-made medicinals and bulk herbs with the finest quality. Our comprehensive dispensary includes raw herbs, granules, aromatherapy products, and products sorted by symptoms to stock your medicine cabinet.  Visit us in Booth #17

Kan LogoKan Herb Company - To help people & the planet thrive together, we make tablets and concentrated liquid extracts in Santa Cruz, CA for TCM and other holistic practitioners, including classical and traditional formulas, single herbs, and medicinal mushrooms. Kan Herb Company continues to add more and more organic herbs to our products, which we have made under our own roof since our founding in 1987.  Find us at Booth # 40 in the Foyer 

Mindful BIlling

Mindful Billing and Management is a family-oriented company specializing in acupuncture insurance billing. We are always available to guide you through the billing cycle while also educating you to help maximize your revenue to its full potential. We have the experience to steward your claims through the billing process with confidence and expertise leaving you with peace of mind. Find us in Booth#30

Mitowi ManagementMitowi Management® is a practice management company that specializes in helping practitioners work smarter, not harder using a proven methodology that elevates the patient experience and increases your top line.  See us in Booth #15

My Happy Genes logoMy Happy Genes uses cutting-edge genetic research to provide you with personalized and effective ways to optimize your physical and emotional health naturally. We are the only genetic testing company to combine these 3 elements to give you the whole puzzle, not just one piece Genetics, Biochemistry and Nutrition.  See us in Booth #27

NCCAOM LogoEstablished in 1982, NCCAOM is the only national organization that validates entry-level competency in the practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine (AHM) through professional certification.  Find us in Booth#12

E-Fong EACU Needles LogoE-Fong's high-concentrate, high-quality, TCM granulated products are available in single & classic formulas. All products are managed in strict accordance with GMP standards & tested rigorously with quality control. Our EACU Acupuncture Needles are also beloved by practitioners for its exceptional quality at affordable prices. Needles are available in multiple handle types & wide range of sizes.  See us in Booth #2

Ohm, Only Healing Minerals Logo

Ohm, Only Healing Minerals has Uniquely Ground Gem and Mineral Formulations for Bath, Topical, and K-9s. OHM blends are non-oral external therapeutics that are absorbed through the skin. Produced with an immense variety of regenerative mineral powders, each formula's blend design and architecture are balanced by chemistry, absorption, assimilation, and the interdependency of electrophysiological and biosynthesis functions. We are in Booth #1

Pacific Biologic Logo and linkWe invite you to explore Pacific Biologic’s range of TCM-inspired products, crafted with the highest quality herbs, producing formulations to support your journey towards optimal health for you and your patients. We are in Booth #14

PlyUFlex Massage StickThe Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick helps to reduce inflammation and tension. It helps loosen stiff muscles, joints and increase your mobility.  This is an ancient Asian Massage technique called Gua Sha or Scrapping. Done with a Gua Sha massage stick this style of body work improves the condition of your muscles no matter the age or physical condition.  See us in Booth#38

Qualiherb LogoQualiherb provides top-notch quality products from Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical, one of the leading modernized herbal medicine research centers and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. We offer a wide range of herbal products from single extracted ingredients to improved traditional and custom formulations, and consumer products to suit your needs. Visit us in Booth #46

Spring Winds logo imageSpring Wind offers a growing line of Organic Herbs and premium-grade herbs with the highest testing standards. Spring Wind also is the exclusive importer of Empirical Health Honey Pearls. We also make topical products from our top-quality herbs. Find us in Booth #47

Su Wen Herbs LogoSu Wen Herbs “Classical Herbal Formulae for the Modern World” was Designed in 1994 by world-renowned author, acupuncturist, and herbalist, Giovanni Maciocia®, based on his over 39 years of research and clinical experience, to better address patterns displayed by patients in modern practice. Visit us at booth #35

Transformational Herbal Pharmacy LogoTransformational Herbal Pharmacy is a compounding and dispensing pharmacy located in Washington, DC. We are practitioner-owned and operated, and we are dedicated to helping practitioners bring the benefits of Chinese herbs to their patients.  Come visit us in Booth #19 for 10% off your next order.

Unified Practice Logo

Unified Practice
 is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians. Whether your practice is small or spans multiple locations, Unified Practice can help streamline, organize, and grow your operations. Discover more at www.unifiedpractice.com.  Find us in booth $39

UPC aka GoAcupuncture logoUPC Medical is known as GoAcupuncture has been supplying quality products at everyday low prices in the United States and throughout the world. Our products are well-known for their variety, affordability, and value, ranging from since 1992, UPC Medical Supplies has been providing acupuncture practitioners with quality acupuncture supplies, herbal supplements, and general clinic medical.  Find us in Booth#10

YING Herbal LogoAt YING Herbal we offer holistic health and skin care rooted in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. With over 30 years of clinical experience and efficacy, our Specialty formulas and TCM-doctor-formulated skincare provide effective, trusted solutions crafted with care and quality ingredients.
See us in Booth#28

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