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Asian Pacific American MonthMay 2021 provided the most visible celebration of Asian Americans' & Pacific Islanders' (AAPI) history, culture, and global influence.  By highlighting personal examples of courage and tenacity I was better able to learn about the lives of millions who came this country with little more than optimism and ambition.  Asian/Pacific immigrants, like those from Eastern/Western Europe and around the globe, most often chose to leave their birthplace to escape poverty, famine, and persecution only to face similar conditions in their new homeland. 

The stories of Asian/Pacific Americans who overcame biases rooted in ignorance and intolerance continue to inspire those who follow seeking similar opportunities for a brighter path in America.  Learning some of the heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of people who exceeded contemporary and societal expectations to fulfill their dreams is a reminder that the human spirit will triumph when given a chance.        

Asian/Pacific Americans are deservedly and tightly woven into the fabric of American’s past and present. I hope that more people, like me, witnessed these powerful stories and better understand the Asian/Pacific American experience with a new appreciation for the resilience and determination of people who traveled East to America’s shores to build new lives and in the process helped build and strengthen a young nation. 

Asian/Pacific Americans’ contributions continue to enrich America; and who better than Acupuncturists can lift and share that message?  “No one” - We stand on broad shoulders.

With Gratitude
David Bibbey, AP
FSOMA President

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