Is your patient's disease taking her hostage? The FBI may be able to help.

man bound and gaggedI've been listening in again to the Qilogical podcasts produced by Michael Max   (Thank you to my new puppy for taking me on walks) After Michael spoke at the 2012 FSOMA Conference on the 10 Formula Families*  I've been an occasional listener to his podcast and enjoyed his clinic newsletter for the thoughtful comments and insights.  

This week's interview was quite fascinating as it brought into the acupuncture clinic the writings of an FBI negotiator that finding the "No" place with your patient could be more usefully ultimately than trying to get to agreement or a "Yes".  Thinking about your patient's disease as a hostage taker and your patient as the hostage can give you more tools in how to navigate the healing process. I've been in practice over 20 years and still struggle with those patients with whom I don't seem to be able to communicate the value in what I'm offering, who drop out of care just when we seem to be getting somewhere.  I also seem to have forgotten about the maxim that "All Diseases Come from the Heart" and the podcast took me back to some basics. 

In Michael's interview with Margot Rossi and Nick Pole, Nick brings up the point that we are dealing with trauma, sometimes multigenerational, often layers and layers of it that impedes healing. 

In their discussion they discuss: 

  • Negotiating illness and health
  • Working with layers of trauma
  • Until the trauma is in the room again, the negotiation with it cannot begin
  • The power of being able to say “no” to move a negotiation forward
  • Don’t make the mistake of of thinking humans are rational beings
  • Considering the parts of us that hold us hostage
  • Embodied presence gives us an anchor in the moment
  • The importance of timing
  • Listening with more than the ears
  • Befriending the “problem”
  • Helping patients hear what they are saying, but have not yet heard
  • Thoughts on manipulation
  • It’s impossible to observe a system without also interacting with the system
  • The wisdom of Sun Zi and the Art of War

Just Michael's introduction to the segment is very useful. Here's the link to this podcast again. 

WIth High Regard, 
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