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Xiao Dao with Nan Lu Class ImageXiao Dao: A Practical Approach to Unraveling Difficult Cases

Xiao Dao is a full-system treatment protocol that helps practitioners address complex clinical cases. Today, healthcare providers are presented with complicated conditions magnified by the numerous medications and multiple surgeries. Their multi-dimensional issues affect physical and emotional states, in a way that makes it difficult to determine the root cause. The question becomes, Where is the starting point? Is there a foolproof way to begin the healing process despite the complex, layered pathologies? Enter Xiao Dao; a new technique incorporating acupoint protocols, Chinese herbal formulas, and Wu Ming Qigong.

Xiao Dao was developed by Nan Lu, OMD after 35 years of clinical practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help reveal and repair the body’s healing abilities. The process allows the body to begin an initial clean-up and set the stage for deeper levels of healing.  Using this technique practitioners cannot make a mistake in misreading the root cause.

 Xiao Dao arises from ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and theories applied and efined over thousands of years and kept true to the Laws of Nature by masters chosen to preserve and carry forward a spiritual healing lineage. 

A simple yet transformative approach, Xiao Dao: 
·       Enables the body to show the root cause behind a condition
·       Eliminates the human error of misdiagnosis
·       Focuses on health in place of illness and disease
·       Enhances the digestive functions of major organ systems for deep healing to occur
·       Can be used in any health care or counseling setting
·       Supports an individual’s healing process, growth, and development
·       Follows Natural Law and the Five Element Consciousness Framework

Learning objectives & goals:

·       To learn practical content on Xiao Dao theory and applications to a wide range of conditions
·       To learn how to apply multidimensional view of the Five Element Consciousness Framework and inseparable relationships to diagnosis and treatment
·       How to use unique acupoints for stimulating specific meridians with or without needles
·       How to use using beneficial foods and herbal formulas that support digestion
·       How to partner with patients in their care by sharing Qigong practices to increase the body’s energy and enhance innate capabilities
·       To understand how practitioners’ own self-care impacts treatment efficacy

Nan Lu HeadshotAbout Nan Lu
Nan Lu, OMD, is a doctor of Chinese medicine, author, teacher, speaker, state-licensed acupuncturist, and Qigong grand master who inspires others to transform their health and lives. He is the founding director and president of the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation and the Tao of Healing in New York City. The holder of two ancient Chinese medicine and martial arts lineages, he devotes his life to studying, applying, and teaching the unique body-mind-spirit wisdom of TCM and Wu Ming Qigong. 

Nan Lu brings a rare synthesis of more than 35 years of scholastic and clinical experience to his teachings and trainings. He received a doctorate in TCM from Hubei University of Chinese Medicine and is a clinical associate professor at SUNY Stony Brook, School of Social Welfare.

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