To promote the health and well-being of Florida Licensed Acupuncturists, Practitioners & Students by providing resources in the areas of: Mental Health, Stress Management, Addiction, Physical Health, Work and Life Balance, as well as quality of life and career issues.

Powdered by the FSOMA Well-Being Committee
Organized in 2021



Sexual Harassment & Assult Resources:



Mental Health Resources:



5 Strategies for Combatting Stress:

1. Get regular acupuncture treatments - Acupuncture has been shown to increase endorphins, the body's feel-good hormones, and in one study acupuncture decreased the "perception of stress" for "3 months after the completion of treatment".  Find a colleague with whom to regularly trade treatments!

2. Exercise regularly - walk around the block, do 20 jumping jacks.  A 10-minute yoga or tai chi routine can change your frame of mind and stretch out some kinks. It doesn't have to be really vigorous, as the ad says "just do it".

3. Feeling Overwhelmed? Organize - First write down all the steps you will need to complete the project and list each step. Put the list in order of most important or easiest or what comes first, whichever works for you.  Then check off each step and build in some rewards to keep yourself motivated. 

4. Take a pause that refreshes - learn a mindful breathing technique and take a few breaths at the end of a task or set a timer. Stress and anxiety speed up your breathing and makes it more shallow.  Combat this tendency by quick focus on deep relaxed breathing or longer meditative practice. 

5. Find the music in your life - Build a break into your schedule.  Take yourself somewhere that you consider beautiful and relaxing regularly.  It's not music if there are no pauses between the notes.  The "rests" make it music as much as the notes. 


Addiction Support & Resources:

“PRN serves as the Consultant to the Florida Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) on matters relating to practitioner impairment. The DOH and the DBPR contract with PRN to provide mandated services of the Florida Statutes in Chapters 455 and 456, each individual’s practice act. PRN is an alternative to the DOH/DBPR disciplinary process. Due to increased education of licensed healthcare practitioners, hospitals, and other employees, healthcare practitioners participating in PRN do so voluntarily instead of being reported to or by DOH/DBPR. Many healthcare professionals participate in PRN instead of the disciplinary process. “  Practitioners can be referred to PRN via their website or by calling 904-277-8004 or 800-888-8776




Crisis & Suicide Prevention Resources:


Physical Health Resources: