WCI Conference

December 12-15, 2021 at the Orlando World Center Marriott

Volunteer opportunities are open to FSOMA members

Every year for the past 5 years FSOMA President Sandra Kahn as led a team of acupuncturists to exhibit and speak at the Workers' Compensation Institute 

This year they treated between 40-50 attendees - Adjusters, lawyers, medical providers and other members of Workers' Comp teams attend.  By exposing them to acupuncture and acupuncturists we are encouraging more referrals to acupuncture providers.

"I volunteer at the WCI conference because it is a great opportunity to network with individuals in the workman’s comp arena. It is also a great opportunity to let this community know about us and what we do. We can address objections given about acupuncture, provide accurate information about our practice and give attendees a chance to experience our medicine.  This all adds credibility and increases exposure to our field which in turns translates to more business for our profession and the chance to impact the lives of more people. I’m so glad that FSOMA provides this opportunity to us and that I can be a part of the advancement of our profession."                   - Joshuah Jackson

GoodDay you all!!  I am Brenda Nayak, DAOM, L.Ac and I became licensed in 2004.  Everyday is a new lesson in this field, and for that reason, I am still in LOVE with it.  When I received the invite to volunteer by Ellen, it dawned on me that I never participated with anything FSOMA, so I said… The time is now.  I wanted to be a part of something big and important that keeps my profession alive.  The association was developed for people like us, to protect and keep us informed with the legalities of this amazing world of Traditional ChineseMedicine (TCM). So of course, I jumped on the opportunity to serve. 

When I arrived, Sandra Kahn greeted me in a very warm manner and made me feel welcomed.  She was very detailed orientated, and was amazing in how she kept control of the flow of the process.   It’s amazing how Worker’s Compensation has been available for so many years and yet, so many people did not really fully understand TCM.  Many did not know that Worker’s Comp. covered Acupuncture.   Many tried Acupuncture for the first time that day and many loved it.  Now, many representatives of Worker’s Compensation will advocate Acupuncture as a pain remedy with no harsh side effects.  

I left the conference feeling very confident knowing that I am a part of such a professional and protective association.  I realized that patients feel more secure when they know the practitioner belongs to such an honorable association.  Thank you Sandra and Ellen for all you do for us and I will gladly volunteer again.                                                                          - Brenda Nayak DOM

I was interested in learning about the world of workers' compensation and how it related to our profession. I also wanted to represent our association and meet local healthcare professionals.  Treating was a bonus.

I was able to network with local professionals in the healthcare industry, meet local FSOMA members & represent our association. A pleasant surprise was realizing that we were also there to educate other businesses about acupuncture working together with conventional medicine, and that was received well. Treating was also great because we got to see immediate results, and tons of positive feedback from participants.

I appreciate FSOMA and believe it is a necessity of mutual benefit for acupuncturists in Florida, and individually. FSOMA is an asset to our profession because it provides networking opportunities through which we can market ourselves, and learn from others. FSOMA also provides valuable educational resources.          - Veronika Tynes, DOM, AP

The reason I volunteered for the WCI  is because after attending the general session of the FSOMA conference I decided that I wanted to become more active in the FSOMA organization. 

My experience at the WCI was positive because I was able to talk to professionals about acupuncture and the benefits of incorporating acupuncture into a plan of care that will benefit patients as well as insurance carriers.

This affected my thinking about FSOMA in a way that makes me want to be more active.  For instance, there is power in numbers and if we can have a stronger membership in the acupuncture community, that will translate to our voices being heard regarding issues that directly pertain to the profession.     - Teri Toledo, DOM, Lap RN

Volunteer Opportunities are open to FSOMA Members 
We ask that you commit to a 4 hour time slot
Monday July 17, 2020  9am-1pm and 12 noon - 4pm or 
Tuesday July 18, 2020  10am - 2pm 
Deadline to sign-up is July 15th