Legal Defense Fund

FSOMA Legal Defense Fund

The Legal Defense Fund was created by the FSOMA Board to help cover legal expenses for issues which threaten the practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. It is used to pay for legal consultations and to begin the funding of litigation if the profession needs to go to court to defend itself from outside attack. 

The most recent use of this fund was to bring a lawsuit against the Board of Physical Therapy.  FSOMA won a lawsuit in 2019 where the judge agreed that dry needling is acupuncture and that the Board of PT did not have the authority to make a rule allowing PTs to practice dry needling..

PLEASE DONATE TO THE FSOMA LEGAL DEFENSE FUND TODAY. If you are already a member, thank you so much for your support and membership. If you can donate to the Legal Defense Fund please do so today.

Levels of Support

Wei – $5 – $100
Qi – $101 – $250
Blood – $251 – $499
Jing – $500 – $999
Double Jing – $1000+

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You can also call the FSOMA Office 800-578-4865 or mail a check made payable to: FSOMA PO Box 10066 Bradenton, FL 34282