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2020 Ad Insertion Order
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Journal Ads

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Full page – print edition

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1/2 page – print edition

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Full page - E-edition*

808 px tall x 600 px wide Portrait




1/2 page - E-edition*

350 px wide x 223 px tall  Landscape




Ad Packages reflect 10% off per ad price




3 FULL page ads per year

7 1/2" x 10"




3 1/2 page ads per yeasr

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  • March 1st Spring e-Journal
  • May 15th – Summer Printed Journal - mailed to ALL APs in Florida highlighting the 2019 Conference
  • Oct 15th e-Journal
  • First Come, First Serve on dates of e-Blast

*All the ads in the E-Journals are sent as part of an e-mail announcing the journal as well as being embedded in the E-journal online.

E-News ads will appear as a box within our weekly newsletter (and again at a summary at month end) It will have a link to more information.  You can send a web link, pdf or jpg and we will link it to the ad. We can also add it to the announcement feed on the fsoma.org homepage and put on our Social Media links.

E-Blasts are sent as a full page dedicated to your ad

Please submit a jpg that is 700 px x 1200 px 

Business Members may submit 1 Journal Article per year. They should be 600-900 words long submitted in a Word document to [email protected]







Company Name :_____________________________  Contact: ____________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________________________

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E-mail: _________________________________


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