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I saved $700 today versus other quotes I had received because I used FSOMA Director Ellen Teeter's recommendation to use Schlitt Insurance for my malpractice and Business Hazard Insurance policies. Kudos to FSOMA and Ellen. It pays to be a FSOMA member.

Harvey Kaltsas, AP

I can’t thank FSOMA enough for the support you give. This has helped so much! I wasn’t sure what I was going to do or how to handle this.  This was so helpful.
Thank you!
Susan P

AcuCongress Training Session 3: DISTRICTS
To take part in the AcuCongress Virtual Federal Fly-In on December 8, 2021, register at www.AtlanticSymposium.com
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head shot of Li-Chun Huang

Founder of Chinese Auricular Acupuncture Passes Away
Dr. Li-Chun Huang, MD. World renowned doctor in Auricular Medicine Passed away in October 21, 2021 in Alabama, United States at the age of 84.  She was revered worldwide for her auricular acupuncture system.  The acupuncture profession mourns her passing. 

She published over 20 books on Auricular Medicine which were translated into both English and Spanish. 
Click Here for a YouTube video of her and Dr. William S. Huang, O.M.D.