Chad Bailey, AP is an expert in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Tui Na Massage, Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, and Martial Arts, he brings an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to each of his treatments or classes. He teaches Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, Filipino Self-Defense (Progressive Arnis & Cadena de Mano), Tui Na (Chinese Massage & Manipulation), and Oriental Medicine in Miami. Chad is a state and nationally licensed acupuncturist (A.P., D.O.M.) as well as a national Diplomate of Chinese Herbology (D.C.H.).
Morning Qigong  Class
Ting Jin is translated as Listening Energy, only listening without your ears.  We will explore methods to learn to sense energy.  We will use common Qi Gong exercises such as Wu Ji standing, Dispersing & Collecting Breathes, Three Centers Qi Gong, Silk Reeling Qi Gong, and Meridian Qi Gong to test our individual Ting Jin.  We will perform partner energy exercises (push hands) to test these concepts.
Acupuncture and Tui Na for Post COVID 19 and Post Vaccine Syndromes will focus on the lingering symptomology of both patients who contracted COVID 19 and those who received the COVID 19 Vaccine.  Common Post COVID 19 symptomology includes fatigue, memory loss, lack of concentration, muscle/ nerve damage and a list of vascular, immune and neuropsychiatric disorders.  Common Post COVID 19 Vaccine symptomology will also be discussed.  Treatment process for both cases will be discussed.
Acupuncture and Tui Na for EENT, TMJ, Headaches and Neck Issues
This class will focus on practical Tui Na manipulations for cervical and cranial areas and acupuncture, both local and distal.  Emphasis on Tui Na reviewed from previous FSOMA sessions, showing details and precision pertaining to these cases. Category: General  

Dr. Steven Collins LAc has been practicing as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine since 2001.  He has garnered extensive experience and understanding of both Eastern and Western schools of medical practice over the years. Before practicing Chinese medicine, he was a paramedic, an RN, and the director of education at several colleges. 
Dr. Collins gained his Masters of Acupuncture from Northwestern Health Sciences University and served on the faculty there and later at East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota.  Dr. Collins received his Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the ATOM in Ft. Lauderdale.
He has lectured and been published both locally and nationally, addressing diverse aspects of Chinese medicine including tui na, advanced needling, herb-drug interaction, effective acupuncture techniques, and patient communication. 
Enhanced Communication Techniques for Practitioners
When I was thirteen, my grandmother passed away. My mother arranged for me to speak with her doctor. I got on the phone with him.  He used medical terminology that I didn't understand and when I got off, I was more confused than when I began the conversation. 

In Chinese medical school, we learn the locations of points and the functions of the organs. We learn how to discern a pattern and how to formulate a treatment plan. We learn how to choose the appropriate modalities to treat a patient, but we never learn how to communicate with our patients or colleagues.

My first degree is in psychology, and I drew from several schools of thought to create a course designed specifically for practitioners to improve their bedside manner. This interactive workshop will provide practical, powerful tools that can change the way that you communicate with patients and colleagues. You will learn such techniques as how to position yourself when talking with your patient, how to identify pitfalls in communication, how to immediately establish rapport and trust with a person, and much more. You will be introduced to Transactional Analysis and Neurolinguistic Programming. You will learn how to mentally diagram a conversation and literally change the way a person feels about talking with you. These techniques can be extended beyond the treatment room and used when talking with physicians, colleagues, or anyone in general.

This interactive workshop relies on both lecture and role play to introduce these concepts. This is a fascinating and unique course, addressing an issue that is otherwise absent in our professional education.


Cathy Goldstein LAc has been practicing acupuncture for over 30 years. She is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture. Cathy has been teaching advanced techniques that are based on meridian theory and TCM for over 23 years. Cathy was Dx with Crohn's disease in her mid-twenties. After long-term struggles with multiple hospitalizations and surgeries, Acupuncture saved her life, and, the cutting edge, Neuro-Emotional Technique resolved the stress that perpetuated ongoing symptoms. She is committed to keeping our profession on the cutting edge of evidence-based protocols. She is an energetic speaker that is interested in participants learning techniques that they can take back to the office and use Monday to help their patients.
Resolve TMJ and many other stubborn symptoms with Neuro-Emotional Technique
We will go over the science of emotions, and research that demonstrates a TCM-based protocol can eliminate hippocampus electrical impulse, Demonstrating TCM-based protocol can change the brain stem impulse. Demonstration of protocol and practical workshops learning NET technique so you can treat patients on Monday. Learn how TCM can change brain chemistry and emotional response to trauma and daily stressors.  Learn tools for patients to help relieve stress at home. Category: General

Brendan Kelly LAc has a master’s degree in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with training in eastern and western healing traditions. He has been practicing Chinese medicine full time since 2004 and currently practices in Burlington, Vermont at the clinic he co-founded Jade Mountain Wellness. He is on faculty at Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in FL and has taught at Daoist Traditions in NC and Northern Vermont University in VT. Brendan teaches about Chinese medicine and western herbal medicine at schools conferences around the US and Europe. In 2015, North Atlantic Books published his first book "The Yin and Yang of Climate Crisis" which looks at the deeper, root issues of our warming planet through the lens of Chinese medicine.
Treating Viral Infections: The Importance of the Shang Han Lun
Using the lens of the School of Cold, we’ll discuss a Chinese medicine understanding of viral infections including COVID19. We’ll look at the progression of viruses and how they can transform into heat/inflammation and effect several organ systems including respiration/Lungs, circulation/Heart and digestion/Stomach and Spleen. Brendan will also discuss his clinical experience treating a Chinese medicine understanding of COVID19  and long-haul COVID with acupuncture, herbs and eastern nutrition.
The Importance of Understanding and Treating Phlegm
Using the Wu Xing / Five Phase model, we'll talk about the importance of understanding the many different sources of tan/phlegm. As the nature of phlegm can make it hidden, its diagnosis can be an important part of treating a wide range of sometimes difficult-to-treat conditions. Based on Brendan's clinic experience, we'll discuss the role of phlegm in treating Lyme disease, cancer, and a wide range of neurological conditions. with the use of acupuncture, herbs, diet, and lifestyle. Category: General

Michael Kowalski AP, Dipl. Ac is Director and Principal Instructor at the 5 Element Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. Michael's extensive teaching experience includes serving on the acupuncture faculty of the College of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in England, and the Worsley Institute of Classical Acupuncture in Miami, FL. Michael served as Dean of Acupuncture and principal instructor of the Mandarin School of Chinese Medicine, and later as President of the Classical Acupuncture Institute in Jacksonville, FL. He has presented many Five Element topics at multiple FSOMA conferences and continues to serve as Senior Faculty at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Gainesville since its founding in 1995.

5E Approach to Treating Headaches
5E diagnoses and treats the root cause of any symptom. Chronic headaches are a common and difficult complaint. Learn how the 5E approach is individualized based on the unique root cause for each patient, and how to integrate this 5E approach for more success in treating chronic headaches. Michael Kowalski has practiced and taught 5E for 38 years. Having studied and worked for many years with Professor JR Worsley, Michael brings a wealth of experience in 5E diagnosis and treatment. Category: General 

Dr. Toni Krehel, AP has been in practice for 25 years and a Florida Director for the National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC) since 2001. She has spoken at many venues over the years advocating for medical freedom and has presented/published numerous articles/courses and educational seminars on TCM medicine and healthcare freedom issues.

Post Vaccine Syndromes: Blood Stasis & Nodulation
This course reviews TCM Principles of Immunology related to the concept of guest pathogens as a pathway to chronic inflammation, persistent illness, and the pathogenesis of deep-lying infection: from the initial allergic reaction through post-infection evolvement to pathogenic states of modern illnesses. The emphasis will be on blood stasis and deep-lying phlegm and the immunologic challenges & pathology associated with deep-lying infection. Category: General 

Robert Linde AP, RHT is a fixture of teaching at FSOMA and herbal conferences around the world. In practice for over 20 years, he mentored and taught many acupuncturists and herbalists over the years.
Diagnostic and Herbal  Approaches to Headaches - This class will explore the various patterns that can create headaches based on TCM and explore clinical approaches using herbal formulas and channel palpation. Category: General
Tropical Herbal Medicine: Energetics and Traditional Practices  - Many of our patients come from the Caribbean, Central, and South America. Herbal medicine is deeply rooted in these cultures. Learn about many of these common herbs and they may impact our practices. Category: General
Unique approaches in Herbal Care, Blending East & West  - This class will look at unique approaches to western and Chinese herbs. Most of us only know what is in our books. Bob Linde will expand on your knowledge with his lifetime of combining local, western, and Chinese herbal medicine.  Category: General
Western and Chinese Herbal Approaches to Addiction - This class will look at addiction from both the western medical and possible TCM patterns. We will explore the use of western and chinese herbal approaches through the various stages of withdrawal.  Participants will identify the definition criteria for substance addiction, identify stages of withdrawal and associated symptoms, identify TCM and 5 Element patterns associated with addiction and will identify common herbs and formulas to address stages of withdrawal.  Category: BIO 

Evan Mahoney AP is the author of several books on Saam Acupuncture and Kinetic Acupuncture. In 2018 he presented at EuroSciConvention, Dublin, Ireland, and lectured at Dongguk University Los Angeles on Saam Acupuncture. In 2021 he presented at FSOMA's Convention in Fort Lauderdale on the subjects of Saam and Kinetic Acupuncture. 
Saam Acupuncture  for Headaches and the Interpretation of Dreams Part I of the lecture will present the construction of Saam Acupuncture's Harmonized Combinations (with Male and Female prescriptions)  and the use and application of Saam Techniques per Dr. Tan's Balance System Method.  Also included is Saam's Organ Centered Consciousness. Part II of the lecture will pertain to the interpretation of dreams utilizing Saam Acupuncture's Three Levels of Human Needs. The Interpretation of Dreams is the completion of Saam's  'Organ Centered Consciousness'. Category: General 

Robert Quinn LAc recently retired from full-time teaching in The School of Classical Chinese Medicine at NUNM in Portland, OR. Before NUNM he taught at OCOM. He has also taught in the DAOM programs at YoSan, NIEAM, Bastyr, and OCOM. He also regularly teaches in Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. Bob specializes in numerous Japanese palpation-based styles. For 14 years Bob has run a continuing education seminar-hosting business in Portland and has hosted approximately 90-weekend seminars. This has afforded him the opportunity to study with numerous masters in an ongoing manner. Bob also writes regularly for the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine (www.najom.org), as well as his weekly blog for Blue Poppy (www.bluepoppy.com).

The Importance of Neck Treatment in TMJ, EENT, and Headache
Through the study of human movement, Bob has acquired a recognition of the crucial importance of the neck and how it sets the relationship between the torso (Earth) and the head (Heaven), becoming effectively the connection between Heaven and Earth. As the condition of the neck improves, many of the problems of the head experience rapid relief. We will start with a brief lecture to establish the importance of the neck, then Bob will demonstrate Enshin, Teishin, Sotai, and qigong tuina techniques. Category: General 

Galina V. Roofener LAc is board-certified and licensed acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist in the states of Florida and Ohio. She has over 30 years of experience in health care, including 8 years at the Cleveland Clinic. She was a major contributor to the development of the Chinese Herbal Therapy program. Galina is a contributor to published journals and textbooks on the topics of prevention, wellness, health, and Eastern medicine, and is also an NCCAOM-approved continuing education provider and gives lectures at many conferences. She has authored Modern Pulse Diagnosis: Mobile ECG Based textbook, which illustrates a modern perspective on describing the TCM pulse through the interpretation of mobile ECG data.
Learn How to Choose Imaging Tests For Head and Neck  
  • Which tests need to be ordered for suspected red flags? 
  • Which tests show what - Which test shows what pathology the best.
  • How to choose whether to use Xray Ultrasound, thermogram, MRI, CT scans.
  • What are legal aspects of imaging ordering?
  • How to read the imaging report and communicate to the patient.
  • How the use of imaging affects medical decision making and billing codes. 
  • Translating Imaging findings into TCM Theory
    Category: BioMedical

Case Studies: TCM Medical Decision Making To Meet New CMS Requirements 
Navigating Medical Decision-Making: Ancient Medicine in the Modern World.  Many of the insurance classes today are taught from the chiropractic or insurance biller viewpoint.  This class is from TCM Practitioner viewpoint.  This class is will to bring the diagnostics of TCM together with satisfying CMS guidelines for note taking and billing.

Since January 2021 medical decision making and complexity of Evaluation and Management became primary insurance reimbursement criteria. Based on real case studies you will learn how to write Traditional Medicine SOAP notes according to new requirements from the practitioner side. This class will discuss in detail the necessary amount of subjective and objective data that must be collected for acupuncture versus herbal SOAP notes. Learn how to arrive at the traditional medical decision and record it in the notes, including formulation and proper recording of the billable western diagnosis and non-billable pattern using new standard Traditional Medicine terminology as outlined in the ICD-11 chapter 26 for different styles of acupuncture. You will understand the specifics of additional data collection and legal language pertaining to acupuncture versus herbal SOAP notes.  This class investigates SOAP note writing from the practitioner, not a biller side and contains many years of experience derived from notes audits in the major hospital. Category: BioMedical 

Amy Sear HeadshotAmy Sear AP, Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM) is an experienced speaker and is valued for her organized, practical, and information-filled presentations. She completed her Oriental Medical education at the Acupressure Acupuncture Institute in Miami, FL.  Amy served as President of FSOMA from 2004 to 2010 and currently teaches at two schools in Florida.  She has taught practical and clinical continuing education since 2000 and is considered an expert in laws, safety, ethics, and documentation. She has over seventeen years of experience in Integrative practice, including employee status at Memorial Healthcare Systems in Broward County, FL. She brings her years of respected teaching experience to these topics in order to help others.
Practical Ethics 
This course was designed to be super practical and straightforward.  It provides the key tenets of ethics in medical practice, those forming the foundation of all the others, then moves on to the actual Codes of Ethics in our practice.  The most common ethical quandaries and violations in the Oriental Medical community across the country will be provided, with practical tips to reduce problematic situations in the first place. Ethics is an NCCAOM requirement. Category: Laws & Rules
Brie Wieselman headshotBrie Wieselman, LAc, MTCM is a licensed primary care provider and the medical director of Brie Wieselman Integrative Health, our virtual clinic of integrative practitioners.

For the past 14 years, she and her team have coached thousands of clients living anywhere from Dubai to California, from Mozambique to Japan, empowering them with a personalized map for understanding and transforming their health. Besides being an expert in hormone balance and fertility optimization, she specializes in helping people heal digestive problems such as IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, parasitic infections, Candida overgrowth, and SIBO to rebuild a bulletproof microbiome.
Prior to founding the clinic, she spent several years specializing in the integrative treatment of infertility and sub-fertility at several IVF centers and fertility practices in the San Francisco Bay Area (Nurture Acupuncture, Reproductive Science Center of the Bay area, Thrive Acupuncture), and also in a local clinic specializing in the Integrative treatment of Hepatitis C

Course:  Friday Breakfast Symposium
Integrating Functional Medicine and Asian Medicine approached for Gastrointestinal Disorders:  Despite originating thousands of years apart, both Traditional Asian Medicine and Functional Medicine both aim to rehabilitate and maintain health by restoring the balance of body functions.  Leaky Gut Syndrome involves inflammation and changes in the gut flora that can lead to problems within the digestive tract and beyond. While the spleen-stomach theory is pivotal to the practice of Traditional Chinese medicine, the concept of Leaky Gut Syndrome has never been addressed in classical TCM, because it is a modern phenomenon. Treatment of increased gut permeability is multi-layered, and ideally suited for integration of both ancient techniques and modern nutritional tools. 

Learning objectives:

  • Define Leaky gut syndrome and dysbiosis in terms of Functional Medicine and TCM Theory.
  • Understand symptoms and manifestations of a dysfunctional gut barrier.
  • Identify treatment principles that incorporate Eastern and Western protocols
  • Introduce the importance of spores vs traditional probiotics
  • Provide immediately applicable protocols for restoration of the mucosal barrier, and reconditioning of a diverse and robust microbiome.