Lhasa OMS is credited with leading the adoption of ancient Eastern medicine techniques in the U.S., both as the nation’s first importer of acupuncture needles and complementary products, as well as a vigorous advocate for professionalizing their use through practitioner certification, expert product training and standards governance.  Gold Level Sponsor  Business Member – Booth #3

AcuMarketAcu-Market is one of the largest suppliers of acupuncture, herbal, homeopathic, and supplements in the United States. We are a proud supporter of FSOMA & will be offering a 20% discount on all orders placed during the conference.  
FSOMA Sponsor,
Business Member – Booth#6
Microbiome Lamicrobiome labs logobs (formerly MegaSporeBiotic) and dispensed by Physicians Exclusive was born to improve the tools that integrative physicians have to improve the health and well being of their patients. Physicians exclusive was founded by a practicing doctor and is dedicated to creating nutritional supplements with the highest quality, potency, and efficacy for health care professionals.

Green Jade Sponsor – Business Member – Booth #31

Fill My Holistic Practice is about helping holistic health practitioners grow fulfilling 6 & 7-figure practices, the introverted way. Join us for a book signing with founder Chen Yen, author, national speaker. Receive your free copy of her book that will help you fill up your schedule with patients and bring in another stream of income, the introverted way. For 6 & 7-figure practice makeover tips, step-by-step systems and free training, go to our website. Together we'll change our healthcare system, so that it's more integrated. Grow your practice faster; help more people.
Green Jade Sponsor - Booth # 43


11Miridia Technology provides cutting-edge technology solutions for outstanding acupuncture outcomes. Our flagship product, AcuGraph, gives you better diagnostic insight, superior patient communications, effective followup, and paperless records in an affordable package. Plus, AcuGraph provides unsurpassed marketing muscle to massively build any practice. Visit our booth for a demo!  Booth #17

AcuHerbal TherapiesTraditions School of Herbal Studies combines the talents of two experienced herb teachers. Renee and Bob create a community of focused, hands-on educational experience blending science and energy, research and experience, Eastern and Western herbal medical arts. Evening and weekend classes, weed walks, medicine making, herbal pet care, clinical practice.  Booth #22
Acurea Medical Our mission is to provide an outstanding one-stop shopping experience to the TCM community. Besides our popular acupuncture needle brands we also carry the Three Treasures herbal line from world-renowned Giovanni Maciocia & a professional mushroom supplement line created by biochemist & TCM practitioner Martin Powell. We have all the essential items for your clinic and practice.  Booth #24

ACTCM at CIIS: Shaping the Future of Chinese Medicine & Health

Students choose our college for our rigorous master's and doctoral degree programs in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. A half-century of leadership in mind, body, and spirit education, our vast network of practitioners, and world-renowned faculty foster students' professional development and personal growth.

ACTCM’s merger with CIIS expands our ability to re-envision integrative health through collaborations, multimodal approaches, and a broader community to take on today's most pressing health issues.

AnFala is the leading Chinese herbal solution reference source for doctors and healthcare practitioners in western medicine.  Based on classical formulas and treatment principles that have been used successfully for over thousands of years, Chinese herbal solutions are now available to western practitioners. These powerful and highly effective herbal formulas integrate very well with western medical solutions to produce high quality total treatment of many disorders and illnesses. Booth #28


The ANS Analysis is an Evidence-Based assessment tool of the Autonomic Nervous System developed in a German University over a 10 year research period. In many disease states, especially chronic pain patterns, the ANS can become dysregulated, disrupting natural physiological processes indicated for healing. Our iPad computer and chest strap comes equipped with beat-to-beat monitoring of the Heart Rate Variability and a guided respiration module, offering practitioners a stronger doctor-patient relationship and a biomedical view to assess treatment progress.  Special Show Pricing will be available    Booth #34

 For over 25 years, Apex Energetics™ has served the healthcare community by sponsoring cutting-edge functional medicine education and offering an innovative portfolio of research-guided nutritional formulas.  Our unique approach to nutrition involves capturing and integrating science and healthcare practitioner insights into successful performance-based health strategies for patients. At Apex Energetics, you and your patients are at the center of everything we do.  Booth #4

American Healing Technologies  Our mission is simple. We want to help create a deeper level of understanding about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the unique apothecary that helps form the foundation of this holistic healing system.
AHT is dedicated to helping Western healthcare professionals - especially acupuncturists - learn how to enhance natural healing and healthcare for their patients with safe, effective TCM herbal products and other healing technologies. AHT is headed by entrepreneurs who have established ties with top herbal companies in China. Recently AHT entered into an exclusive partnership with Gansu Health and Medical Products Import Export Corporation for the launch of Gansu's new Tanglong 750-mg. Herbal Tablets in the Americas and Europe. We are the first and only distributor to introduce 750-mg. classical herbal formula tablets produced in China.  Booth #11

The American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA) represents a new stage of development in collaboration among groups working to promote the best of acupuncture and East Asian medicine in the United States. The ASA currently has 28 state association members (including FSOMA), representing nearly 4000 individual acupuncturists around the country. More information can be found at Booth #42
Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine (ATOM) located in the Ft Lauderdale area, provides education in Oriental Medicine at both the Master’s and Doctorate Level.   The DAOM program emphasizes integrated Internal Medicine, with classes taught by experts in the field.  Classes start in April and October each year.  [email protected]

AOM School Member – Booth #39

 Beyond the Needle presents Bemer technology. Bioelectric Magnetic Energy Regulation is a very specific kind of pulsed electric magnetic device. Because our bodies are electrical, we have electromagnetic field. In as little as 8 minutes, the Bemer mimics the earth’s magnetic field and resets the body’s natural electromagnetic field improving natural & healthy molecular reactions in the body.  Booth #23

BioessenceBio Essence Herbal Essentials specializes in creating customizable and prescription standard TCM and Formulations. Combining the use of advanced technology and equipment, we bring quality and innovation to our products and consumers.  Booth #20
The Biomat Store is a distributor of advanced Far Infrared and Negative Ion therapy devices enhanced with Amethyst crystals. The Biomat is equipped with EMF block and nine temperature settings and is used worldwide by MDs, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists and energy healers.  Free demonstrations.
U.S. FDA Medical Device #29554299. Booth #10

For 33 years, Blue Poppy has been committed to strengthening the practice of Chinese medicine by providing clinically relevant information and products which practitioners can use to more effectively treat their patients and run their practice.
Business Member – Booth #14


E-Fong Herbs Our high-concentrate granulated TCM products are manufactured by Yifang Pharmaceutical Corporation in China and are specially packaged for distribution to licensed practitioners within the United States. Please stop by our booth to find out what new products are coming this fall.
Booth #24



Our Mission is to promote and deliver the highest standard of healthcare education and to support the professional development of our graduates and other healthcare professionals by offering advanced studies. We teach the philosophy, theory and clinical application of Eastern and Western medicine and work with the local acupuncture community to support the profession.
AOM School Member – Booth #40


Facial Acupuncture .The Chinese have known for centuries that needing the skin has a positive effect on its thickness and elasticity. Michelle Gellis DiplAc founder, is a nationally certified instructor of facial acupuncture. The AcuLift™ Derma roller and related products are the only devices endorsed by the AAC. Wholesale pricing is available to acupuncturists.  Booth#23


Far East Summit is committed to serve an ever-developing natural medicine health care system with authentic, quality and effective herbal products. We exist to alleviate pain and disease, to cultivate and improve life. Every action shall be measured by our success in achieving these goals.  Booth #5

First AlternativesFirst Alternative’s competitive edge is our unique combination of products and training which encompasses Healthcare Practices, Skin Care, and Animal Medical Practices with the incorporation of Avazzia devices. Our main marketing line is, “”the non-pharmaceutical relief of pain””. We have protocols for acute and chronic pain treatment for all healthcare providers. Booth #33

FSOMA Business Help Desk - FSOMA’s mission is “To promote and protect the profession of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Florida and to serve our members.”  Stop by the Help desk to talk with a FSOMA Board member about your vision for our profession and any concerns.  Ask questions about Business building, insurance billing, Legislative issues or just fill out a testimonial form and give us some love. We’d love to talk with you.   Booth #42


 Golden Flower Chinese Herbs is a complete, single source for Chinese Medicine products. The Golden Flower Chinese Herbs line consists of over 100 of our own specially designed formulas. We carry over 700 granulated extracts (400 single-herb granules and 300 granular formulas) as well as capsules and tablets from KPC Herbs . Booth #21

19Golden Needle is your one stop source for quality products and information. We specialize in offering a large variety of products and stellar customer support. We also are proud supporters of FSOMA and extend a 5% continual discount for all active members. Give us a try – you won’t be sorry!  Business Member : Booth #23
Green Roads Wellness is committed to improving the lives of its patients and their families.  Standing behind the purpose of inspiring hope and restoring happiness, Green Roads Wellness produces the highest quality, pharmacist formulated CBD products to pave the way for a healthier, happier life.  Booth #38
Health Concerns was the first company in the U.S. to manufacture Chinese herbs for healthcare practitioners.  Our formulas are still uniquely effective.  They are manufactured under the strictest quality controls, producing easy-to-take products with consistent potency and are tested extensively throughout the formulation and manufacturing process to ensure optimum effectiveness and maximum bioavailability. Booth #36
13833526_1256924317653516_1548437436_oHevert’s award-winning combination homeopathic medicines are focused on common therapeutic categories such as stress and pain. Hevert is an independent, family-owned company dedicated to the development of high-quality natural medicines. Hevert’s manufacturing facility runs on 100% renewable energy, reflecting Hevert’s core philosophy, that nature is its partner.  Booth #13

Holistic BillingHolistic Billing Services has a team dedicated to acupuncturists maximizing their revenue from insurance billing. Established in 1999, we are in 28 states and service over 600 practices nationally. Average reimbursement is over $185 per hour of treatment and our fees are always structured as a percentage of your collections so we don’t get paid until you get paid.

Business Member : Booth #35


KNOW VaccinesThe mission of K.N.O.W. Vaccines is to promote public awareness of the fundamental issues concerning the vaccination controversy. These issues concern the ethical as well as the scientific premises upon which mandated vaccine policy is predicated. Our Goals are: to prevent vaccine injury and death through education, promote ethics in medicine and journalistic reporting and protect the right of parents to informed consent.  Booth #29

Kan is more than our name – it is our mission. Kan Herb Company is dedicated to enhancing the practice of Chinese herbology in the West by providing unmatched herbal products tha
t are safe, pure and effective. Kan is a valuable ally to the modern health care provider.
Business Member – Booth #8

6Providing the finest herbal extracts since 1969. KPC Products, Inc., is the leader in TCM industry in implementing the highest quality of herbal products. KPC has preserved the natural wisdom passed down from the traditional practices of herbal medicine. KPC safeguards these time-tested preparation methods and delivers the finest Chinese herbs by maintaining excellent quality assurance programs.  Business Member – Booth #1
Mayway Trusted by acupuncturists for over 45 years, Mayway are the producers of Plum Flower® herbal formulas, extract powders and raw herbs. Use our first-class herbal dispensary to fill custom prescriptions. Stop by our booth for a free box of Yin Chiao and more info on our wide range of products.

Business Member – Booth #16


  MediNatura™  the exclusive importer of Heel injections like Traumeel® and Zeel® Injection Solutions were developed by physicians in Europe and have been available globally, for more than sixty years. Traumeel® and Zeel® help manage the pain, inflammation and joint degeneration of arthritis and osteoarthritis while exhibiting an excellent safety profile.  Visit us at #30


NCCAOM Logo Stacked PMS

Founded in 1982, the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM®) is an influential leader in the field of certification for acupuncture and Oriental medicine. The NCCAOM’s Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Oriental Medicine Certification programs attest to the competency of its nationally board certified Diplomates through assessment of the core knowledge, skills and abilities for the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession. Booth #3


pacific collegeFrom the earliest discussions of the entry-level or first professional doctorate (FPD), Pacific College stated that no master’s graduate should be left behind. By bridging the gap between the master’s degree and the entry-level doctorate, the online transitional doctorate strengthens the acupuncturist’s ability to be a successful part of our integrative healthcare system. This online curriculum was developed by doctoral educators, Chinese medicine experts, and experienced distance education designers and is based on 28 entry-level doctoral competencies. Each aspect of the program has been scrutinized and approved by WSCUC, one of the country’s most prestigious accreditation agencies. Tuition currently ranges from $7,395 to $9,570, dependent on transfer credits, and financial aid is available beginning Fall 2017. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Booth #27


Qualiherb provides top notch quality products from Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical, one of the leading modernized herbal medicine research center and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. We offer wide range of herbal products from single extracted ingredient to improved traditional and custom formulation, and consumer products to suit your needs.

Business Member – Booth #18


Schlitt Insurance We have been helping Florida-based acupuncturists with their insurance needs since 1995 in business since 1953. We offer all types of insurance for business as well as malpractice for acupuncturists. We work with both American Acupuncture Council and Medical Protective Insurance Co. (through CM&F). We offer personal service and the advice of professionals at the same cost.
Business Member – Booth #25


sear-enity-seminars-logoSear-Enity Seminars is your source for high quality information and educational offerings since 2000. Specializes in Safety, Ethics, Integrative work, and Integrative Oncology. Provides a new course in FL Laws and Rules and Medical Errors every biennium.Amy Sear is a FSOMA past president, has lectured at FL AOM schools and all over the US. Conference Special: 10%-40 % off recorded seminars.

Business Member – Booth #37


Spades Cosmetics provides Non surgical anti-aging solutions. Neck lift, eye lift and state of the art Beauty LED medical devices.  Booth #26


Standard ProcessSince 1929 Standard Process has delivered whole food nutritional supplements and the science to back their efficacy. Reinforcing Chinese herbal medicine’s approach to synergistic healing, our formulas include a balanced blend of whole food nutrients from plant, mineral, and animal origin as well as herbs and other ingredients. Booth #44


tcmzoneTcmZone, lnc. is a leading developer of professional herbal medicine products. with almost 20 years’ experience working with pharmaceutical-grade chinese and japanese herbal manufacturers,  tcmzone, llc. has grown to include 2 professional brands; honso® kampo and tcmzone® with over 120 formulas and 230 single herbs in granule packets, 100g bottle (loose granules) and vegi-capsules and an online single herb pharmacy service.

booth #12


Treasure of the East / Tianjiang Pharmaceutical is the world's largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade granule herbs and a publicly traded company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HK0570). With 21 patents, Tianjiang is the leader in scientific research and production in the global concentrated granule herb industry. Treasure of the East is the US General Distributor and General Agent for Tianjiang Pharmaceutical. Treasure of the East provides a complete line of over 500 granule single herbs and formulas.  All herbs are concentrated 5:1 and dissolve in hot water while preserving the potency, color, flavor, and aroma of a traditional herbal decoction. For dispensary, wholesale, distribution, or proprietary labeling inquiries, please contacts us at  or Booth #2

to-the-pointTo the Point Billing Solutions specializes in acupuncture billing. let us handle your billing from start to finish while you focus on your patient’s needs. we always deliver fast and accurate insurance verifications, handle problem claims and much more. are you interested in seeing VA patients? we can help! Business member – booth #32


UPC Medical has been supplying quality acupuncture and chiropractic products at everyday low prices in the United States and throughout the world since 1992. As a proud BBB member for decades, UPC has maintained the highest A+ rating in the field. Our product lines are known for their selection, affordability and value. Booth #9

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